Vocational high schools

With the subject of your choice to the Abitur (general university entrance qualification)

The Social and Health Science High School – with the profile Social Studies (SG) and the Economics High School (WG) lead to the general university entrance qualification in three years. This means that all courses of study at all universities are open to graduates.

In the SG, the profile is pedagogy and psychology, in the WG it is business and economics.

Admission requirements are either a middle school leaving certificate or a certificate of promotion to grade 10 of the 8-year high school (G8) or to grade 11 of the 9-year high school school (G9).

In the introductory class, the students, who come from different school branches, are brought up to the same level of knowledge, and communication and work techniques are practiced. In addition, there is an intensive introduction to the respective profile. In order to facilitate the entry into the mathematics lessons of the senior high school, there is a mathematics support course in the entry class.

At the end of the first year, a 14-day practical period corresponds to the study profile of the respective vocational high school. Here, the theoretical foundations acquired in the study profile subject are linked with professional experience.

Of course, study trips are also part of the training.

Further information

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