Mission Statement

The Zinzendorf Schools in Königsfeld are one of southern Germany’s largest state-recognized private schools with boarding facilities. Christian values and openness to the world have characterized the mission statement of the Protestant school system for more than 200 years.

Our schools are open to students of all denominations and nationalities. They can obtain any of the German general education qualification and various vocational qualifications. With ten different school types and a unique transferability in all directions, we can offer every young person a path to a qualified educational qualification according to their current situation.
We are proud of our long tradition and at the same time of the unchanged modernity of our educational approach, then as now.

Educational principles

We are guided by the pedagogical principles of the educators Amos Comenius and Nikolaus Graf von Zinzendorf.

What this means for us today:

  • Developing potential
  • Enabling students to discover their individuality within the community
  • Awakening interests and promoting motivation
  • Helping students to take responsibility for themselves and others and actively shape their own lives

We believe that everyone can succeed but not all students learn in the same way and, sometimes, different approaches are necessary. We will support your children every step of the way towards achieving their goals.