Weekends provide the opportunity for group activities and excursions, which help to promote a sense of community among the boarders.

Boarding school weekends

Students may remain in the boarding school at weekends. On these weekends, there are often larger excursions and activities on the program - suggestions for these come from the students and they are always announced at the beginning of the school year so that parents and students can plan together.

Home leave weekends

Home leave weekends take place at regular intervals, i.e. every 14 days all boarders go home on Friday afternoon after lessons and learning campus. The boarding home is then closed.

“All in” weekends

On "all in" weekends (around 2-3 times per year) all boarders are required to remain at the boarding school.

Weekend and vacation schedule academic year 2023 2024
Weekend and vacation schedule academic year 2024 2025