2-year Vocational School for Home Economics and Nutrition / for Business and Economics

Completing the intermediate middle school leaving certificate in two years

Our two-year vocational schools with the profiles Home Economics and Nutrition or Business and Economics demonstrate in a special way that we want to offer every young person their individual pathway to their goal.

There are always reasons why the desired school-leaving qualification, be it the middle secondary school leaving certificate or the high school leaving certificate qualifying for university entrance, does not initially appear to be attainable. Our two-year vocational school offers a completely new approach.

With school reports from middle school and high school in grades 8, 9 or 10, students can, under certain conditions, choose this educational pathway in order to obtain the Mittlere Reife (middle school leaving certificate) or Fachschulreife (vocational school entrance qualification) after two years. By fundamentally revising the traditional main subjects in conjunction with completely new focus subjects, students can find renewed motivation for their further academic path.

In the Home Economics and Nutrition Vocational School, the profile subjects Vocational Competence (nutrition and economics) and Vocational Practical Competence (food preparation and textile work) are taught in addition to the core subjects German, English and mathematics. In the Business and Economics vocational school, the profile subjects are Vocational Competence (economics and business administration, data processing) and Vocational Practical Competence (word processing with office practice).

Additional instruction in the natural sciences and project work prepare students for their future careers. In the elective area, we offer additional remedial instruction.

The students are supported in their career choice by a two-week internship. At our JOBwärts! career fair, which is highly regarded throughout the region, students can develop a concrete idea of their career aspirations and make contacts.

More than school!

We put special emphasis on musical, artistic and theater educational offers as well as social projects. A meaningful range of extracurricular events and class trips complements the education.

With the middle school leaving certificate there is the possibility of changing to Business and Economics high school, Social Science high school or to Educator Training.

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