Career guidance

Career guidance

We help our students, against the background of their own life goals, interests and values, to use their strengths and to set priorities.

"We may not fashion people. We should not demand of a tulip that it smells like a rose or a carnation….We should no more teach a horse to sing than a lark to neigh"
- Nikolaus Ludwig Graf von Zinzendorf

In grade 9 of the Realschule and grades 10/11 of the general education and vocational Gymnasium we also offer careers orientation as an integral part of the curriculum through a 14 day internship.

Our careers fair JOBwärts! which takes place annually on the Campus provides a platform for students and training organisations from the local region to get to know one another. Many companies offer dual training programmes, making the fair of interest to Gymnasium students too.

Our students also receive advice, tips and practical support from our wide network of teachers, parents, former pupils, specialists and external advisors.