Learning options

The learning campus facilitates all aspects of learning. Between 14.00 – 17.30 full boarders and after-school care students from the lower and middle school can attend up to four study blocks.
With the assistance of their tutors, students produce a study plan, which is always drawn up in advance for a period of 14 days. This facilitates individualised learning and includes not only the student’s timetable but also his/her leisure time activities and any barriers to learning.
A great advantage of having school and boarding house “under one roof” is that there can be a close exchange between school and boarding house e.g. tutors can participate in school conferences.

Successful learning

The learning campus provides students with the facilities necessary for successful and differentiated learning. In addition to areas for group work, there are two quiet work rooms, five small group rooms, a computer room and four specialist subject rooms in which three to four teachers are always available to provide assistance to students.

Structured learning

During the study blocks students complete their homework, learn together in groups or individually in separate rooms, talk to subject teachers or prepare for tests. They are supported by the tutors in attendance from all boarding areas.

Individual learning

The learning campus provides each student with the best possible learning support as the optimum learning structure is available to students at the same time and in the same place every afternoon. This maximises the degree of individualised learning, which is constantly supervised, coordinated and evaluated.